Winter Storm: slushy, windy then snowy and colder

A winter storm will impact the area starting Friday and last through Saturday, with lingering lake effect snow through Sunday. The storm will bring more rain than snow before 6:00 PM Friday then as temperatures fall snow is more likely to accumulate and being impactful through Saturday morning. The worst winter weather will be from midnight, early Saturday through noon. Temperatures continue to fall through Saturday, temperatures will be in the single digits or colder through Tuesday of next week. 

  • Wet Snow Early Friday
  • Rain/Snow until 6:00 PM Friday
  • Changing to all snow after 6:00 PM Friday
  • Heavy snow Saturday morning
  • Most 3"-6" through Saturday 6:00 PM
  • Windy - Gusts +40 mph Saturday morning
  • Lake effect snow Saturday PM to Sunday PM
  • Bitter cold starts Saturday night. 

Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Snow shower possible late. Low 28. 

Friday: Rain/snow, windy. High 38.

Saturday: Snowy. windy, falling temperatures from 26.

Sunday: Bitter Cold, Lake effect snow. High 8.

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