Wintry weather returns, damp and dreary midweek

NOW: Wintry weather returns, damp and dreary midweek

The more impactful weather day is Wednesday, even more damp, with rain and snow showers, as temperatures struggle to reach 40 degrees. Snow accumulation is unlikely but there could be a slushy hour or two in the morning or evening. The damp weather last through Thursday morning. The weather improves Friday and the weekend is fair, and milder. Unfortunately, clouds return Monday, but there's still some optimism for breaks in the clouds on Eclipse Day. 

Tonight: Breezy, AM Snow/Rain. Low 34.

Wednesday: Rain/snow showers, breezy. High 40.

Thursday: AM rain/snow ending. Mostly cloudy. High 44.

Friday: Partly cloudy. High 48.

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