Woman hit in face by puck at Blackhawks game

CHICAGO — A Blackhawks fan was hit in the face with a puck at Wednesday's game.

Patricia Higgins had to have surgery after the incident but is expected to be okay.

Higgins may even get the puck back thanks to another fan.

Her daughter was at that game and saw her mom get hit in the face.

"I heard the slapshot from the stick and the next thing I knew, there was something flying by my face," said Caitlin Higgins. "I looked over to my mom, she was on my left. I looked over at her immediately. She had her hand on her face, looked down, looked at me and said, 'I can't see.' I saw the blood and it was just, I mean, immediate."

The woman says the Blackhawks should have scored instead of hitting her. She also hopes they sweep the finals. 

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