Women's Health Week: In your 20s

Every time you turn around, it seems there's a new so-called "miracle drug" or fad diet out there that women need to do in order to live longer and better. Keeping up with those trends can get confusing and exhausting. To help clear the air, doctors across Michiana are setting the record straight and explaining what women at any age need to know in order to be healthy.

Because women's health is such a broad subject, ABC 57 broke it down in 5 parts. The first part in this week-long series is for women in their 20's.

The female body can be a sensitive subject. There are so many things women need to be thinking about when it comes to their health and for 20-somethings, the time to start taking it seriously is now.

“I talk to them about where they're at in their life, what they want to do,” says Dr. Lyjia Strachan, an OB/GYN for IU Health La Porte.

Dr. Strachan says the number one thing to do once you enter your 20s is get a pap smear.

They prevent cervical cancer and are a preventative step to good health. Dr. Strachan says women should get one every 3 years.

Dr. Strachan also stresses, a conversation about family planning and contraception is important for women in their 20's.

She says, 50% of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. In order to make that percentage smaller, women should be aware of the various types of contraception available. Those being, birth control pills, the patch, the ring, and longer acting options like the intro-uterine device or "IUD".

A healthy lifestyle is important as well when it comes to flourishing in your 20's. Dr. Strachan suggests exercising regularly and managing your weight.

"The idea is not to blow off your health. Prevention is best," says Dr. Enrique Infante an OB/GYN for Beacon Medical Group.

Dr. Infante urges women not to blow off the little things. “If you're having issues getting pregnant, address it," says Dr. Infante. "If you're having issues with your weight, address it.”

There's also one more test young women in their 20's should take very seriously. Dr. Strachan says an STD screening or screening for sexually-transmitted infections is important because they're more common in younger women.

She says, a lot of infections or STD's don't come with symptoms so it's better to be safe than sorry.

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