Woodlawn Nature Center to host a medicinal plant walk

Elkhart - Has the price of health care got you all worked up? Perhaps we can help. On Fathers' Day, June 17, 2012, Sara Tabner, or Owl Spirit Medicine, will be leading a walk in the woods, at Woodlawn Nature Center, to teach visitors about what wild plants may be used to help with various maladies, what parts of the plants are useful and why you might want to add them to you medicine cabinet.

The walk will run 2-4 p.m., and is free to all comers. Woodlawn Nature Center is located at 604 Woodlawn Avenue (between Cassopolis and Johnson Streets) in NE Elkhart. For more information, please call Sara Tabner at (574) 440-4299.

Woodlawn Nature Center is a not-for profit corporation, dedicated to:
• the preservation and conservation of native flora and fauna through hands-on education,
• promoting increased appreciation for our place in natural history and our responsibility as a keystone species,
• and committed to the enhancement of our own habitat.

Woodlawn Nature Center
604 Woodlawn Ave
Elkhart, IN 46614
Phone: 574-264-0525

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