Yellow River ravages Plymouth, community bands together

NOW: Yellow River ravages Plymouth, community bands together

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- The Yellow River joins the list of the Michiana rivers, overflowing with the recent rain and melting snow.

The sound of water rushing isn't a rare sound for Plymouth residents who live by the river.

But the sound of the water, outside of their own homes, is rare.

The water rushed through main roadways in the downtown area, with the water levels as high as the bridges that pass over the river. 

"We've lived here for 20 years and this is the worst I've ever seen," says Ken Bajdek, a Plymouth resident.

Roads all over the Plymouth area, were blocked off for safety.

The community banded together, to prepare sandbags to help neighbors stop the racing river from flooding their homes.

"There was a lot of flooding downtown and they were looking for volunteers to come help sandbag," he explains. "So I grabbed my shovel. It's great to see the town pull together."

But south of Plymouth saw the swelling streams too.

"It's basically every direction," says Bajdek.

In fields, roads, and even causing a giant hole in the middle of a road.

The gaping cavity started as a pothole, and grew and grew as the rains continued to pour.

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