Young athletes upset about MLB doping scandal

Mishawka, IND. -- Baseball, the all-American sport, has recently been in the spotlight for negative reasons. 

"I am completely against the whole performance enhancing drugs, with Alex Rodriguez and things like that," says Wes Smith, an athlete and coach. "I am just shocked by what's going on, and how he is trying to get himself out of this."

Wes plays on a local team, but he also coaches young athletes like Mackayla and Sydney Stutsman who dream of playing pro.

The sisters look up to all kinds of athletes, and they say they hope these athletes play fair.

"If I met them, I would hope that they would be nice and fair," says Sydney Stutsman.

"If they are the people I looked up to, I would be upset if those are the people I choose to look up to if they cheated," says Mackayla Stutsman.

Their dad says he doesn't want them looking up to just one person, but instead, appreciate the sport as a whole.

"One thing we have always tried to do is to not really promote them watching a lot of professional sports, or really finding an interest in one particular player, that way they are not really looking up to them as much, we want them to see how the game is played but not necessarily how they play it," says Chad Stutsman.

Other people are also upset over this latest doping scandal.

"I think it is like really bad because they are impressing all of their fans, and then next thing you know they hear about that they are cheating," says Olivia Griffith.

"It's an integrity issue with the game, if you don't have integrity, it waters down the sport," Tim Peterson, co-owner of RBI's Unlimited.

Because kids are so impressionable, they can become confused and overwhelmed when scandals like this break.

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