The reason your floatie may be deflating

NOW: The reason your floatie may be deflating

The weather is heating up for the weekend, and no doubt that many of you will be heading to the pool, beach or lake. Maybe you even have cool fruit shaped floaties ready. If you have been using floaties this summer, you have probably noticed that they tend to lose air while using them. This makes you think that there is a leak. However, there is a scientific explanation for this.

When we blow up a floatie outside of the pool, we fill it with warm air. When we put the floatie in the cooler water, the air molecules in the floatie start to slow down and become more dense because of the change in temperature. For every 10 degree temperature drop, the innertube will lose around 1 psi, making it start to deflate. If you blow more air into the floatie while it is sitting in the cool water, that will help inflate it back up.

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