Couple sentenced for deadly hit and run that claimed three lives

NOW: Couple sentenced for deadly hit and run that claimed three lives

GOSHEN, Ind.-- Things will never be the same after three people, including two children, were killed and hit and run over a year ago in Elkhart. 

“Something's missing. Like I said, each one of us had our own thing and theres just things missing and we cant put those pieces back,” said William Smith, father of two of the victims.

Those missing pieces are 22-year-old Shawn Walcott, 11-year-old Courtney Smith, and 8-month-old Dolly Smith. They were killed in a hit and run as they walked to get ice cream near Beardsley and Cassopolis Streets in Elkhart back in August of 2017. 

"We will never be the same mom and dad we were before this happened," said Smith.

One year later, the family sat down to hear the sentencing for the couple behind the wheel of the car the claimed their families' lives. 

Leonard Grosswiler was sentenced to 15 years in prison, three of which will be served as probation, for three counts of leaving the scene resulting in death and two counts to leaving the scene of an accident resulting in serious bodily injury. His wife was sentenced to two and years probation for obstruction of justice.

"It was a challenge from the very beginning not only from the harm that was caused but there's no way you can just say it's over," said Vicki Becker, Elkhart County Prosecutor. 

The family agrees that it's far from over. 

“Where do we go from here? We’ll shred up the pieces and go from here. Each family member will figure it out. Hopefully it'll bring some peace," said Smith.

You can watch what the family had to say exclusively to ABC 57 in the video above. 

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