101-Year-old woman glad to be home

FREMONT, Mich. -- A 101-year-old woman is happy to be back home!

Foreclosure initially forced Texana Hollis from her Fremont home where she spent 60 years of her life.

Then, the federal government wouldn't let her move back in, because her home was in such bad shape!

Columnist Mitch Albom stepped in and bought the house for Hollis.

More than 100 people fixed it up, installing new floors, drywall, appliances, and even a roof!

"Today, a wrong has been righted.  She belongs back in this house. She never should've been taken out of it.  And I'm glad we could participate and give back to one of our citizens what was rightfully hers," said Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press.

"Thank you to the Lord, because he is good!" said Hollis.

One of Hollis' first tasks in her remodeled home was baking cookies in her new oven.

By the way, she turns 102 next month.

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