11-month-old grazed in the leg in accidental shooting

NOW: 11-month-old grazed in the leg in accidental shooting

Officer to dispatch: “Caller advises she heard a loud bang. Looks like there is a bullet hole in the ceiling. Talked to upstairs neighbor, they heard it but not seeing a hole in the floor.”

Parents now shaken with fear after a bullet came through their wall Thursday night grazing 11-month-old– Sam Henderson Jr. in the leg. Police say it happened at Cedar Glen apartments in South Bend around 8:20 pm.

ABC 57 News spoke with the regional manager of the complex who says it all happened when a neighbor had his gun out.

“This accident occurred on our property but as we understand it that you know this is gentleman cleaning his gun and it accidentally discharged,” said Brooke Davis, Regional Property Manager.

Police confirm to ABC 57 News that the shooting was accidental. The regional manager of the property says they’re completely shocked.

“This particular incident.. nothing like this has ever happened no,” said Davis.

 But she’s glad it wasn’t any worse than this.

“While its certainly regrettable, we want to emphasize it was an accident and we’re just really grateful that no one was seriously injured,” said Davis.

We’re working to find out more about what happened to the person who accidentally fired the shot.

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