Voters approve Brandywine schools operating tax renewal

NILES, Mich. -- Voters approved the Brandywine Schools operating tax renewal 383-155. The tax will generate approximately $1.7 million for the district.

Teachers and residents worried what would happen if the renewal didn't pass.

"Are we going to lose teachers? Are we going to lose funding for specials, as far as programs?" asks Mandy Seggerman.

Seggerman is a parent of an 8th grader at Brandywine.

While she does work as HR for the school district, her fears about the non-homestead operating millage renewal are real.

"I really feel like this would impact me more as a parent than an employee," she says. "It really could leave an impact on our children and the education they receive."

"Our budget is about $13 million. So $1.7 million is a great deal for our school," adds Kathy Holy.

That's how much money is at stake, says Holy who is the director of finance for the district. 

If the levy doesn't get renewed, the school district may be forced to make some major changes.

"If we don't get it renewed, we'll have to cut a lot and maybe even lay off people," she explains. 

These are all changes no one wants to see made. 

"We already really operate on a very small budget as it is," says Holy. "We've already cut expenses so it would be really difficult to operate without that $1.7 million."

Parents are now just hoping the renewal goes through. 

"If we cut the funding we are looking at what, 30-35 kids in a class. And then will my kid get attention from a teacher with that large of a class?" asks Seggerman. "I don't think so. We'd be lacking attention per student. And he's really involved in the arts so that would also be a concern of mine."

Again, the levy does not affect personal taxes on primary homes. 

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