2,500 tons of salt and sand at the ready in Warsaw for Sunday's snow storm

With 1,300 tons of salt in storage, and 2,500 tons of a salt and stand mixture standing by, the Kosciusko County Highway Department is prepared.

Prepared for snow is something most Kosciusko County residents seem to be. 

"I'm always ready for snow," says Larry Phillips, a Warsaw resident. "Every year. Been doing this for 30 years."

He's not the only one.

"I have snow scrapers, I have snow shovels. I have some sort of snow spray kind of thing," adds Phyllis Wilkey, also a Warsaw resident. "I have my garage, so my car stays in the garage.

They're always ready.  But no one is more ready than the County Highway Department.

"We've been looking forward to it. We've been watching the weather and trying to say on top of things as much as we can," says Assistant Superintendent Steve Moriarty. 

He says, the up to six inches of expected snow on Saturday, is nothing.

"It's good practice," he explains. "It's not overwhelming but its something we can handle."

But just to be sure, they're still checking everything out.

"[We] make sure that our trucks are already prepared, that we all got our plows on, and be sure that everything works properly," Moriarty adds.

They want to make sure that their 27 plow trucks, 10 spare trucks, de-icing equipment, as well as the equipment used for spreading salt and sand, are operating smoothly. 

Their number one priority - driver safety. 

"Winter's dangerous, just in general. And driving safe is one of the big conditions, and realizing the plow trucks are out there to keep the road safe," says Moriarty. 

But they need the help of all drivers on the road. 

"Especially when it comes to plows driving, making sure they stay back and don't come up on us too much," Moriarty explains. "We're concentrated on the job at hand, and sometimes it's hard to concentrate on what's behind us, to who's following too close."

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