2022 Berrien County Youth Fair in full swing

NOW: 2022 Berrien County Youth Fair in full swing

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. – It’s that time of year, when thousands of people—of all ages—from all over Berrien County come out to the fair grounds to celebrate the Berrien County Youth Fair, and everything it offers—from the animals, the rides, and—of course—the food.

“This is their Summer vacation,” said Deanna Sobralski, with the Baroda Bunnies club. “It’s not a trip to Disney, but it’s ‘when is fair week?’”

But what exactly makes the fair so special for those who come out every year? I sought out answers, and eventually caught up with someone who has come to the fair for nearly forty years.

“It’s been a big year so far, this year. It’s great to have a great crowd here,” said Glyndle Lentz, who lived in Berrien Springs since the late 1980s—and used to showcase animals at the fair when he was younger. He said the fair has been the source of many fond memories.

Lentz recalled one of his favorites: “In 2015, Vince Gill helping my father to a bench. That was a great memory, and I have a lot of memories of my mom and dad coming here with me when I was a child. God rest their souls, they both passed away on me. But yeah, it brings back a lot of great memories here.”

“It’s like a second home here, it’s like, you’re just so excited to be back!” said Annabelle Schall, also with the Baroda Bunnies club, where members learn and have experiences that help to take them through life, well into adulthood.

“It’s teaching them hard work, it’s teaching them progress, it’s teaching them that dedication pays off!” said Sobralski.

And some members hope to continue to pass those values on.

Ross Clare, another member, who’s in his final year showing animals in the year, said “My family has been coming here and showing here, and now I’m showing here and have been doing it for a while, so I hope that maybe I can teach the next generation of people and introduce them to showing at the fairs.”

Karen Klug, the Fair Manager, agreed: “That’s our purpose, that’s why we’re here—we’re here for the youth of Berrien County.”

More information about the upcoming events at the fair can be found here: Berrien County Youth Fair (bcyf.us)

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