30 years of service, Hannah's House holds fundraiser for disadvantaged pregnant women

NOW: 30 years of service, Hannah’s House holds fundraiser for disadvantaged pregnant women

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Friday night was the annual Hannah's House Holiday Happenings where organizers and supporters were raising a glass to 30 years of service.

The gala raises money for Hannah's House, a group dedicated to empowering disadvantaged pregnant women as they move towards motherhood.

The dinner and auction inside the Gillespie Center help fund stable housing and support for women.

Organizers say every dollar counts.

Dawn Kaser, Director of Advancement at Hannah's House, stated "All of the proceeds from the auction go to housing the women, making sure that they have education, they have all the guidance that they need. It's staff funding, it's skill building funding, and job training."

The faith-based agency has been helping Michiana women going on three decades now.

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