57 Minute Miracle: "She's our holiday miracle!"

GRANGER, Ind. -- It's time for another 57 Minute Miracle. This week, Meteorologist Maci Tetrick went to the lobby of Granger Community Church, and she patiently awaited the end of the service, so she could find someone in need.

How does this series work? Maci approaches people, at random, and asks them if they can think of anyone else in need of a holiday miracle. If the first person can get us to the person they're thinking of in 57 minutes or less, Maci can give them a miracle of $570.

As the church service ended, people streamed into the lobby, and Maci asked as many people as she could if they knew of anyone in need of some cheer.

Just as Andrew Meyers was about to grab a cup of coffee, Maci stopped him and asked the question.

Andrew and his wife Ellen knew immediately who was their holiday miracle: their surrogate, Beth. They want to do something nice for her, like a 57 Minute Miracle!

Can the Meyers help Maci find Beth in 57 minutes or less to create a miracle for her?

Watch this series of three videos to see the full story!

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Watch ABC57 News for one final miracle on December 22 starting at 5 p.m.

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