57 Minute Miracle surprises woman living with cancer in Niles

The 57 Minute Miracle team convinced a nurse to skip her meeting so they could make a miracle happen for her friend, who is living with cancer.

ABC 57's Jess Arnold and team met nurse Kathy Flynn at a Mishawaka gas station, where she told them her friend of 40 years, Darlene Bridges has been fighting cancer for years.

They followed Kathy to Darlene's apartment in Niles, where she wasn't exactly happy to see a camera crew knocking on her door.

"I’m going to kill you," said Darlene to Kathy upon opening her door.

Amid laughs, she allowed everyone inside to reveal the surprise.

When she discovered she was receiving a miracle of $570, she couldn't believe it.

"Are you kidding? Oh my God, thank you!" said Darlene, embracing Kathy.

"I don’t know why God puts me on your heart so much, but I’m thankful," she said.

Darlene said the miracle came at the perfect time, as her medical bills have been stacking up.

"I have non-Hodgkins lymphoma and leukemia...I’ve seen three doctors in two days...That’s the way it is, but I’m thankful that I have those doctors to see, so I try not to complain about it, but really it gets overwhelming sometimes. And really it’s not the cancer that gets overwhelming. It’s the financial end of what it does to you...That’s why you find me in this little  apartment," said Darlene.

"I know her younger sister, and we are good friends. She moved away, but Darlene has always been around and there, good big sister, and we’ve been friends, too," said Kathy.

Darlene responded, saying she has a lot for which to be thankful.

"You hear about that stuff, but you don’t ever think it’s going to happen to you. I’m so glad you went to buy your lottery ticket!" said Darlene.

She said she plans to use some of the money to cover medical bills and the rest during her trip to Florida to visit her son and granddaughter.

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