57 Pep Talks: Legendary sportscaster, coach Dick Vitale

ABC57 Saturday Kickoff host Allison Hayes is sharing messages of hope from community members with ties to Michiana who are still finding ways to spread positivity despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week's message is from Dick Vitale, one of the most recognized voices in college basketball.

"Hey everybody, Dick Vitale. Hey, simply like many of you we’re going through a tough time right now with this coronavirus. It’s affecting so many lives and our hearts go out to all of those unemployed, all those that have lost their lives or just can’t believe the number of all those infected with the disease. But saying all that our medical experts are working around the clock and trust me, I have such confidence and I believe ultimately that they’re going to find that vaccine that’s going to put an end to it all. So, right now, you’ve got to do all the little things they tell you to do. Make sure, every day, washing those hands. Make sure social distancing. Do all the things they tell you to do and we will come out on top. And remember this: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift and that’s why we call it a present. So in the present, make the most of your day. Be active mentally, physically, workout, build up that immune system everyday by working out, read some books, get knowledge. But use your time wisely."

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