#57SummerHotSpots: Three Oaks celebrating 150 years

#57SummerHotSpots: Three Oaks celebrating 150 years

THREE OAKS, Mich.-Before the summer ends, #57SummerHotSpots taking you to one more Michiana town. Three Oaks is gearing up to celebrate a milestone a century and a half in the making. The village is turning 150 years old and they want you to be a part of their birthday bash.

“It’s a really great town,” said David Grosse, Village President.

It’s a tiny town with a ton of heart right off of U.S. 12 that’s been welcoming visitors for years.

“We always said we had 1800 people, now we have 1600 full-time but we’ve got several hundred second home owners,” Grosse said.

In anticipation of the 150th celebration, since early July, Three Oaks has been incorporating its neighbors, history and local businesses to mark the big occasion every weekend with special events.

Founded in 1867 by Henry Chamberlain, Grosse says the Southwest Michigan village has so much to offer.

“I think one of the nice things about Three Oaks is you’re probably going to talk to the owner of the store, which means you get personalized service,” Grosse said.

Everyone who is lucky enough to call the small town home have a lot of pride.

“The people are nice and in a town this size, you get to know everyone,” said Allen Turner, a local playwright.

From Dewey Cannon Park, to the local breakfast café, Grosse says you can’t find a greater place in Michigan with this type of unique history that lives from generation to generation.

Three Oaks’s 150th Grand Celebration will be on September 16th from 1-5 P.M. Check the full schedule HERE. 

A play about Three Oaks’s history, “Three Oaks Against the World” will be performed at the Acorn Theater on September 9th and 10th. Click on the video for more information:

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