76-year-old tased by police

An elderly man in Texas says that during a traffic stop, he was tased by a police officer.

76-year-old Pete Vasquez is at the center of a police dash-camera video that is causing outrage across the country.

The video shows 23-year-old officer Nathaniel Robinson arresting Vasquez, but during the arrest, Officer Robinson pulled Vasquez onto the vehicle and to the ground before tasing him.

“'I'm putting on the handcuffs, put your hands on the back of your back.' And I turn around and he pulled that taser and he shot me with it. It looked like he's enjoying doing it,” says Vasquez.

A witness to the incident says Robinson was questioning Vasquez about an expired inspection sticker.

He says when the driver tried explaining; the officer got angry and tried to cuff him.

The situation is currently under investigation.

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