8-year-old killed in car accident identified

NOW: 8-year-old killed in car accident identified

WARSAW, Ind.-- The Warsaw Police Department have identified the 8-year-old boy hit and killed while crossing North Point Drive as Gidieon Cook. 

The tragedy struck when the 8-year-old Harrison Elementary School student Gidieon Cook, was on his was home from summer school.

“Devastating, just tragic," said Karen Steel. She and her mother witnessed the scene just moments after the initial impact. "So we walked up to  the sidewalk and we were very close and that’s when we realized, 'mom that’s a child laying there'.”

Originally emergency crews were taking cook to Fort Wayne Lutheran Hospital but they diverted to nearby Parkview Hospital because of the extent of his injuries.

The boy’s mother, Keri Cook, says she’s not strong enough to go on camera at the moment, but tells ABC 57 “Gidieon was such a sweet and good boy. He loved his sisters, family and friends.”

"Say a prayer for him and the person who hit him," said neighbor Shirley Steele.

As for the driver, police say 24-year-old Raven Loubert has been cooperating with the investigation.

Right now they are waiting on the results of the forensic cellphone download and toxicology report.

Monday night, Loubert shared this message to Facebook saying:

“To everyone that is worried bout me. I truly didnt mean to do it at all. ... As far as i know i am not in any trouble with this accident. I will say i am truly deeply sorry to the family for their loss and i know i can never fix this but i hope in there hearts that they can forgive me for what i have done. ... Thank you to all of those that care and again i am truly sorry for the loss of that little boy.”

Friends and family of Gidieon started a Facebook page with almost 400 donations already generating close to the 30,000 dollars needed to pay for the unexpected loss.

“It doesn’t matter if school is in session or not, children still come to play, even adults even come to play here. Defensive driving is just something you have to do daily," said Karen Steele.

The family is hosting a vigil in front of Harrison Elementary School at the crosswalk were little Gidieon passed away on Thursday, June 13th.

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