A fire truck rolls after colliding with a police car while rushing to a call

Clay Township, Ind. - A Clay Territory fire truck was responding to a fire off of Glen Lee Trail in Granger, Indiana, when it was hit by a police car, who was responding to another call at Juniper and Auten Roads.


The two vehicles collided right into each other at the intersection of Cleveland and Juniper Roads. Seconds later nearby drivers, yielding to the emergency vehicles, watched in horror as the fire engine slid across the road after the impact flipped it on its side.


The fire truck then hit two other cars, include a St. Joesph County Deputy's car.


Three were taken to Memorial Hospital. Three firefighters were in the the fire truck at the time of the accident. One of the firefighters were taken to the hospital after suffering a head injury.


Fire officials told ABC 57 News that the firefighter was released from the hospital later on in the night and is says to be in good condition.


The Roseland police officer and the woman whose car was hit by the fire truck were both taken to the hospital for minor, non life-threatening injures.


"The fire truck flipped upside down and glided sideways, it was like it was floating in the air," says Duane Rosenthal, a witness to the accident.


Rosenthal heard the sirens and pulled over to let emergency vehicles through, just like he always does,but little did he know what was about to happen next.


"The fire truck looked like it was slowing up and then all of a sudden that white police car popped up out there."


Officials say the fire truck had the green light when the Roseland police car hit the rig.


"The truck was in route to bring extra water to the scene," says Clay Territory Fire Chief John Vance.


Witnesses say the fire truck hit a St. Joseph County Sheriff's car, who had been trying to block the intersection for officers to pass safely.


There was also a forth car. The fire truck smashed into the car who had also pulled over to let emergency vehicles through.


"I didn't know what was going to happened, there were cars flying all over the place, says Rosenthal.

Since three different agencies were involved in the accident, the County Fatal Alcohol Crash Team has been called in to investigate what happened.


Officials says that this is a common procedure for all emergency vehicle involved crashes.


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