ABC 57 News Pet of the Week: Meet Camil

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It’s Thursday, that means we're shining a spotlight on adoptable animals.

One of the dogs we've featured so far is already getting settled into his own forever home.

And, we aren’t stopping here.

Let’s meet ABC 57 News Pet of the Week, Camil.

She has been living at the shelter for a few weeks now.

She was found as a stray and so far no one has come in to claim her.

Camil is an adult terrier mix, about 2-3 years of age and weighs about 35 pounds.

Calm, cuddly and classy are three words that best describe her.

She loves to go on walks, play with other dogs and people but not too much with toys.

She is energetic but calm at the same time so you're getting the best of both worlds.

Especially, if you’re moderately active and looking for a playmate who won’t go overboard.

The South Bend Animal Resource Center Volunteer Coordinator Sue Durski says that shouldn’t be too difficult at all when it comes to training Camil.

“If you're looking for an easy going dog, if it’s your first pet, she would be perfect just because of how low key she is. To work with her, you just need some high value treats like chicken or hot dogs to work with her on some commands but she is willing to learn if you're willing to teach her,” Durski said.

Durski also says one special feature about Camil is that she is very regal.

“She acts like she is a princess, she walks very nicely, she takes treats very nicely from you, she doesn’t want to jump up and dirty your clothes, and she lets you hug and kiss her and do everything, like she’s just really nice and very sweet,” Durski said.

You heard it, Princess Camil is definitely ready to meet her king or queen. 

If you’re not quite sure whether you are ready to adopt, Durski tells me you can always volunteer any time to meet these pets.

You can visit to find a volunteer application and you can send it right in by email to Durski at [email protected].

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