ABC 57 Web Producer one of the victims in Park Jefferson Apartment Fire

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - ABC 57's Web Producer, Jenny Dolph was one of the victims of Friday night's fire at Park Jefferson Apartment Complex off Jefferson Street.

Dolph and her boyfriend, Sean, were at dinner when the fire started.

When they returned home they saw flames coming from the building that they live in.

The South Bend Fire Department told ABC 57 News that the fire started on one of the top floors. Dolph and her boyfriend lived on the bottom rear apartment.

"We're just happy to be alive," Dolph said in a live interview during ABC 57's 11 p.m. broadcast.

The couple had renters insurance and the American Red Cross is stepping in to help those displaced because of the fire.

Preliminary reports suggest that the fire may have been electrical but there has been no official word on a cause.

Dolph has worked at ABC 57 News since before our broadcast launch in April.

She plans on staying with family or co-workers Friday night until she and her boyfriend figure out where they go from here. They are not sure how much damage was caused to their apartment or if anything can be saved.

In total eight units were affected by the fire before the flames hit a firewall and stopped. Thankfully, that firewall was in place. The entire building has four pods of apartments. ABC 57 News has learned that only five of the eight units were occupied at the time of the fire.

Of course our thoughts here at ABC 57 News are with our co-worker and friend Jenny Dolph, her boyfriend Sean, and all of those impacted by this fire.

Stay with ABC 57 News all weekend long as we continue to follow this developing story.

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