ABC57 in Miami: A first look at Sun Life Stadium

MIAMI, Fla. -- On Wednesday, ABC57’s crews got their first look at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami where, just days from now, Notre Dame will battle Alabama for the BCS national championship.

In just five days Sun-Life Stadium will be packed with Notre Dame and Alabama fans ready to battle it out for the national championship.

The game has everyone talking, even the locals.

"I think Notre Dame is going to take Alabama out--I believe so," said JR Williams-of Miami.

On Wednesday, the buzz around the stadium was from landscaping crews.

They were mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and pruning the palm trees.

Notre Dame's banner was put up Wednesday morning overlooking the massive stadium, touting the big BCS championship game.

If you're headed to the game, the stadium is right off Dan Marino Boulevard.

For now, though, all is quiet.

Just down the street the Stadium Diner is also working out the kinks before the big crowd.

"We're very excited about having people down here enjoying our paradise and our wonderful weather and having people eating and shopping," said Susan Schackelton, Manager of the Stadium Diner.

Workers at the diner say they are expecting every seat to be full next week---in fact they're already seeing fans in town.

"It's wonderful any business is good business, we have a wonderful crowd of people down here right now,” said Schackelton.

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