ABC57 Security Expert offers advice to stay safe following the latest mass shooting

NOW: ABC57 Security Expert offers advice to stay safe following the latest mass shooting

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- As investigators work to find a motive for the mass shooting at a video gaming tournament in Jacksonville many people are concerned about safety at public places and events. ABC57 Security Expert Josh Gobel stopped by the studio to talk about things people can do everyday to be better prepared if the worst ever happens.

Gobel says people should prepare for mass shootings like they prepare for fire and tornado drills.

"No matter where you're at always have a plan," said Gobel. "Have a way to get out. Even when we fly they tell you to pay attention to your closest exit and note that it may be behind you. Look around and know your surroundings and make sure you have an exit plan for you and your entire family."

If you do fnd yourself in a situation like Sunday's shooting -- Gobel says that's when it becomes fight ot flight.

"Get out of there. Get out," said Gobel. "Get everybody you can, but you have to get out of there. If you're in a situation where it's you against the gunmen, then you have to fight. You have to do whatever you can to survive. You're in survival mode at that point -- so fight or flight.

This latest mass shooting adds video gaming tournaments to a growing list of venues where mass shootings have taken place, but Gobel says you have to keep things in perspective.

"Think about just this very moment how many people are out and about and enjoying their day and doing everyday activities and nothing bad is happening," said Gobel.

He says that's a good thing to remember as South Bend gets ready to host massive crowds when the Irish return to the field this weekend.

"Don't worry about your safety and things like that," said Gobel. "Go out and have a great time. There's more people looking out for your than what you reallize. Just have a goodtime and enjoy the season."

He does say if you do happen to notice something notify the professionals immediately.

"If you see something, say something," said Gobel. "It sounds cliche, but that's how we get our information. We can't be everywhere all the time so those tips no matter how small you think they are could lead to something big."

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