Accident-prone intersection causing concerns for Michiana family

NOW: Accident-prone intersection causing concerns for Michiana family

CASS COUNTY, Mich. --- An accident-prone intersection is causing concerns for one Michiana family. The corner which has reported almost 60 accidents in the last ten years, according to the Cass County Road Commission, has seen small improvements, but residents say it’s not enough.

“I came around the corner and the car was in my front porch and I was just like…," said Nicole Tienda-Stacks.

Nicole has lived on the corner of the intersection of Decatur Road and Marcellus Highway for six years. Over time she’s had a total of three cars hit her home and seen several severe accidents because of speeding.

“My husband and I are basically first responders. He usually calls 911 and I usually go and I check the person in the vehicle and make sure everybody’s ok," said Tienda-Stacks.

Although some changes have been made like blinking lights and additional stop signs — Nicole says the routine of seeing so many accidents is starting to affect her mental health, as well as putting people at risk.

“It’s getting to me where nobody seems to care. You know we have so many accidents and nobody wants to do anything about it. I don’t think somebody’s life has to be a factor to do something," said Tienda-Stacks.

Despite the frustration over what she calls a lack of action from the road commission, she says she won’t let their inaction stop her from making sure people are safe in her community.

“I’ll always, my husband and I, will always be the first ones out here to make sure everybody’s ok." said Tienda-Stacks.

Nicole says she encourages everyone in the community to write to the road commission asking for change.

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