ACLU of Indiana sues law enforcement agencies over traffic stops

The ACLU of Indiana is suing a deputy with the Starke County Sheriff's Department over a traffic stop where there were no arrests or even a citation. 

The lawsuit alleges three people driving to Illinois for a Pokémon Go event had their vehicle searched, and all three were patted down, without cause. The ACLU of Indiana has a similar lawsuit against the Fisher Police Department. The Starke County Sheriff's Department has not responded to ABC57's request for comment.  

This comes at a time where Philadelphia has become the first major city to ban low-level traffic stops. While Indiana State Police, which is not involved in the ACLU of Indiana lawsuits, have promoted traffic stops as an, "important" proactive policing technique. 

Editors note: Any video of police and traffic stops shown in this interview is file footage, and not meant to illustrate an illegal search or any parties potentially at fault

ABC57 NightTeam anchor Tim Spears talked to the senior staff attorney for ACLU of Indiana, Gavin Rose. Watch the full interview, unedited, here: 

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