ADEC’s Gaining Grounds coffee house in Bristol reopens

NOW: ADEC’s Gaining Grounds coffee house in Bristol reopens

BRISTOL, Ind. – ADEC’s Gaining Ground coffee house reopened its doors Monday after being closed for more than three months. Employees, some of them ADEC clients themselves, said they were eager to get back to work serving the community.

“We are extremely excited to welcome the community back here at ADEC. The gaining grounds which is a part of the social enterprise component is a place where the community can come together to build long lasting relationships with their clients here,” said Cherri Peate, Vice President of Community Outreach for ADEC.

ADEC is a charity that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities learn job skills as well as find jobs.

“When you sit there and look at what’s going on right now, especially when we’re dealing with something that none of us have ever really dealt with at least in our generations, it’s nice to sit there and be able to go okay I can come back I can figure out what this new normal is gonna be and go back at it,” said Scott Fowler, Lead Barista at Gaining Grounds.

Gaining Grounds is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and are adding curbside pickup services.

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