Affordable housing in Goshen for artists and entrepreneurs

 Affordable housing will now be available at the former Hawks Furniture Factory, located in Goshen. The former factory was built in 1867 and will now provide artists and entrepreneurs a space to live and work. Construction on the 44,000 square feet building started in March 2014 and now management is accepting resident applications. 

The sounds of hammers banging and power tools drilling now fill the halls of the former hawks furniture building that stood unoccupied for five years. In April more life will fill the building and it's 35 loft apartments.

“We have graphic designers and dance instructors and musicians and chefs and painters and potters and it's very diverse in the artwork that people are bringing,” says Danielle Acker, property manager with LaCasa Inc. 

Acker property describes tenants who will move into the hawks the first week of April and says there is still space for more applicants; but there are specific guidelines. 

“ The requirements are that it is affordable housing so you need to meet the requirements for affordable housing and also we are giving preference to artists and entrepreneurs,” explains Acker.  

Depending on income and the number of people in your household will dictate if you qualify to live at The Hawks. For Susan Lanning, who works at a senior care center while making jewelry to sell on the side, says The Hawks is exactly what she has been looking for. 

“Where I am at now I don't feel secure in my neighborhood it's not a friendly environment,” says Lanning.

Even though Lanning hasn't been approved yet, touring half completed apartments at The Hawks brings her to tears. 

“I can't really even explain it because this is something I couldn't have even dreamed up myself,” says Lanning. 

Lanning adds that the income based rent and space to work on crafts at The Hawks will help her create more art. 

“Because of where I work and my lifestyle I can afford to live here and I can actually even have a little left over to buy jewelry stuff,” says Lanning.  

A majority of funding for The Hawks came from a state program called Low Housing Income Tax Credits and a number of other grants.

The Hawks is still accepting applications and they can be found here.
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