Age is just a number: Retired resident adopts 13-year-old dog

Puppies are often the cutest and sweetest Christmas gifts, but one Michiana man came to the Humane Society of St. Joseph County on Christmas Eve in search of a dog, a little bit older.

Jenny Carlson, the Executive Director of the Humane Society says often times people don’t want to adopt a pet that may only be around for another year or two, which makes this story that much more special

On Saturday, the Humane Society posted a picture on their Facebook page capturing the moment when retired South Bend resident Don Sager adopted Beazie.

Beazie is 13-years-old and in November, her owners dropped her off at the Humane Society after they could no longer care for her.

Weeks later, on Christmas Eve, Sager and Beazie made eye contact and the rest was history.

Carlson says every dog at her shelter is given a chance for adoption, no matter what age.

But she says there’s just something special, about the older ones finally finding a home.

“I love senior adoptions, I love adoptions for animals that may have come in scared or injured and we’ve rehabilitated them and now they’re going home to a great family. For them to find their match and for them to find their homes is why we do what we do,” said Carlson.

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