Ahead of Wednesday's potential storm, officials warn of dangers

In the wake of Monday’s storm, there is still a lot of work to be done in yards and streets picking up left over debris and downed trees.

Officials are urging residents to take precaution ahead of another round of storms tomorrow.

Too many too count.

Tree limbs sprawled across streets.

Power lines down.

Tree uprooted.

Crews are working night and day to remove the devastation in the wake of Monday’s powerful storms that tore through Michiana.

And more wind and rain could be on the way.

 “The best thing to do is stay in your home,” said Clay Fire Deputy Fire Marshall Ron Melser.

Fire crews are urging residents to take precautionary measures ahead of Wednesday’s forecasted heavy rains and strong storms.

“That’s probably gonna be your safest bet. If you go outside, you could have power lines down, if you have standing water, the puddles could be charged. Even though the power of the house was gone, they still had the house energized through a power line,” said Melser.

The Clay Fire Deputy Marshall says sandbags are a great way to keep water out when faced with standing water or potential heavy rainfall.

“If you have an area that you wanna try to protect from your home to a certain part of your property, sand bags will help keep the water away from there. You may have to build a little wall with the sandbags. It could take a lot of them or it could take a few of them,” said Melser.

The sandbags are free for the public and you can pick them up at 8 different fire stations throughout Michiana.

Officials remind you to bring your own shovel.

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