Airsoft pistol found in locker at Niles High School

A 16-year-old Niles High School student was arrested Monday morning after he fled from police attempting to speak with him. They were investigating reports the student might have a weapon.

Around 11 a.m. Niles Police received information from high school administrators that they believed a student had a handgun at the school.

With other officers assisting, the School Officer attempted to make contact with the student, police said.

As officers approached the student, he ran down the hall, ran out of the school and into a nearby neighborhood.

The school was placed on lockdown as a precaution.

Police said the student was located in a shed of a nearby residence. He was taken into custody and the lockdown was lifted.

During a search of the student's locker, they found an airsoft pistol.

The student recently enrolled in the Niles School system.

The teen was taken to the Berrien County Juvenile Center on preliminary charges of resisting police and illegal entry.

Dr. Applegate, Niles Superintendent, issued the following statement:

There was an incident at Niles High School today that caused the school to go on lockdown. Niles High School administrators had reason to believe there may have been a student with a weapon on campus. Police were immediately contacted and an airsoft gun was found in the student's backpack.  We believe this is an isolated incident as no threats were made. Niles High School Administration is working closely with the police in this investigation. Safety and security in all of our buildings is of the utmost importance and the high school was placed on lockdown while the police pursued the student and remained in lockdown until the student was apprehended.

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