All day rain Tuesday; drying out Wednesday

NOW: All day rain Tuesday; drying out Wednesday

Have your umbrella ready to go today: you’ll need to use it most of the day if you’re going outdoors. In addition to the all day rain, it’s possible to hear a few rumbles of thunder this afternoon.

Some areas could pick up nearly 1” of rain today. This rain, combined with rain from the weekend, could lead to some minor flooding in low lying areas.

You also may notice a bit of water ponding on roads. Remember not to drive through any standing water on roads. Overall flood concerns are low.

Rain showers begin to trickle off late this evening, then it should be dry heading into Wednesday.

The dry weather continues through the day tomorrow and the start of Thursday, however, another round of rain is likely Thursday evening into Friday.

Mother’s Day weekend looks dry and temperatures finally warm near 70 by Sunday. Temperatures continue to warm next week.

Today: Rainy. High 60.

Tonight: Showers early. Mostly cloudy. Low 42.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High 60.

Thursday: Rain by late afternoon. High 63.

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