All-school outdoor prom to return to Michiana

NOW: All-school outdoor prom to return to Michiana

NILES, Mich.--- An all-school outdoor prom that garnered attention across Michiana will return in 2021. The event will be a safe way for students to enjoy a prom experience amid the COVID pandemic.

"I called around to some of the local schools, not all of them had committed to even try to put on a prom yet," said Mica Yonker, the events organizer and owner of Oh My LLC in Niles. "Some weren’t even mentioning it yet so we just thought we’d do it again."

The event will be open to any high school students and recent high school grads under the age of 21 as a way to make up for schoolwide proms that might be canceled for the second year in a row.

"My daughter is a senior this year and I’ve watched her absolutely be distraught about things that she’s been looking forward to since she was in kindergarten," said Yonker. "She’s watched her two older sisters go out and do these senior activities that she was really looking forward to."

Edwardsburg senior, Laci Kring says she's thrilled to know she'll be able to make lasting memories with her friends.

"It’s really a different experience because it’s not just Edwardsburg, it’s the whole Michiana area," said Kring. "It’s so much more fun because you get to experience new things with different people."

Both Kring and Yonker say this event means so much more than just a dance for students.

"Our industry has been hit really, really hard by Covid, just like any other industry," said Yonker. "If we can help make a sale for the person down the street that sells jewelry, or shoes, that might be the sale that makes or breaks them this month."

The date and venue of the prom has not yet been finalized. Tickets are expected to go on sale next week.

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