Alleged crime spree included commentary on 7-Eleven's coffee

NOW: Alleged crime spree included commentary on 7-Eleven’s coffee

ELKHART, Ind. -- A man is accused of going on a bizarre crime spree that involved taking a coffee pot from 7-Eleven, throwing the coffee pot at an employee inside Village Pantry down the street and alleging 7-Eleven's coffee is better.

He was arrested on multiple charges after being taken to the hospital.

The alleged crime spree began Sunday, July 2 at 11:48 p.m. at the 7-Eleven at 2805 Toledo Road.

Elkhart Police said the suspect, later identified as 30-year-old Michael Coleman, entered the store, picked up a pair of sunglasses and a pot of coffee without paying for either item.

The man, described as a black male, left the store and got into the passenger seat of a white Jeep, police said.

At 12:17 a.m., officers were dispatched to the Village Pantry at 1500 Toledo Road to take a battery report.

The victim told police Coleman entered the store, stated 7-Eleven coffee is better and threw the pot of hot coffee into the business. The pot broke and the coffee hit the victim's face and clothing, according to police reports.

The suspect, described as a black male wearing sunglasses, left in a white Jeep, police said.

At 12:22 a.m., officers were dispatched to 1901 Prairie Street for reports of a trespasser.

Police arrived and located the suspect, identified as Coleman, who refused to show his hands to officers, police said.

When Coleman approached the officers, officers deployed a Taser to stop the suspect.

Coleman broke free of the Taser and pushed an officer several times, then fled, police said.

While officers chased the accused, he hid in a garage, took off his clothes, then continued to flee, police said.

The suspect was captured, but fought with officers, injuring two officers, police said.

Police transported Coleman to the hospital for evaluation due to his erratic behavior.

Once the suspect was taken into custody, police spoke with the victims at the Prairie Street address. They told police Coleman arrived at the home, broke a window and entered the residence. They said he was acting erratic.

Police said Coleman had previously been issued a trespass warning for the address.

Police said Coleman was identified as the suspect in all three incidents.

He is being charged with theft for the 7-Eleven incident, battery and criminal mischief for the Village Pantry incident and 3 counts of battery on an officer, residential entry, criminal mischief, resisting law enforcement (flees on foot, resisting law enforcement, criminal trespass and public indecency for the Prairie Street incident.

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