Altgeld Street in South Bend damaged by storm

One South Bend street suffered serious storm damage.

Two homes on Altgeld Street were hit by fallen trees.

Lisa Blume’s home was one of them.

“All of a sudden we heard this big thud,” Blume said.

While no one was hurt, she’s worried it could happen again with other trees in the neighborhood.

“That tree’s healthier than mine,” Blume said.

Blume’s neighbor, Randy Welch is also concerned about one tree near their properties.

“We’ve requested them to be cut down, they’ve all been denied, and it’s very fortunate no one got hurt,” Welch said.

South Bend City Code says the homeowner is responsible for trees on their property, even between the sidewalk and curb.

A permit must be obtained, and the homeowner must cut the tree or hire a professional, which could cost thousands.

“If you’re on low income or barely making it by, then it’s hard,” Blume said.

For now Blume is trying to brainstorm a way to take the tree down before severe weather does it for them.

“I’m hoping I can find a way to afford to have it cut down because it’s next,” Blume said.

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