Alumni bid a final farewell to St. Joseph's High School

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It was a bittersweet day for alumni of St. Joseph's High School.  

An all school reunion was held to give former students a chance to say goodbye to their old stomping grounds.  

Photojournalist Matthew Armitage caught up with the notorious Gilroy sisters who shared some of their fondest memories of St. Joe High. 
"Back then the girls and the boys could not talk to each other.  There was a hallway that came to a "T" and the nuns and a brother stood there so nobody could talk to each other," said Pat, Class of '63.
"It was so different back then that you hardly saw each other for one thing.  And it was probably a good thing because sometimes you would wear somebody else's sweater or something and you just hoped you didn't pass each other in the hall and got home before they got home," said Mary Lee, Class of '65.   
"Back then they had boys hallways and girls hallways and God forbid you went past the office because that's the boys and the boys can't go past the office because that's the girls," said Nancy, Class of '69.  
"There is the three older kids and the three younger kids.  By the time it got down to number five, me and number six, Linda, things were getting a little more rambunctious.  But I never felt like teachers were saying, 'you need to live up to your sisters standards'.  I never had that," said Kathi, Class of '72.
"All the teachers knew me by the time I came along, because they knew my sisters.  And, you know, it was like what's this teacher like and and how much trouble did you get into with that teacher?
This used to be the Dean's office and I'd get kicked out of class and Sister Mary Ann would say what happened?  And I would say, I don't know!  I don't even know you guys," said Linda, Class of '75.
Six sisters, so many memories.
St Joseph High School here's to you.  
Here's to your colors white and blue.    

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