AM General employees say another big cut will be made in December


MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- AM General is one of the largest employers in Saint Joseph County. 

Workers say the company plans to lay-off a number of employees on December 21, just days before Christmas.



Mishawka Mayor Dave Wood, said he hasn't been notified of this next round of lay-offs.

"I've got pretty good open lines of communication with AM General and that's not anything that I've heard about."

But AM General employees said that the people who get laid-off could be out of work until March or April of next year.

With the holidays right around the corner, AM General employees said the lay-offs couldn't come at a worse time. 

If the workers do get released, Mayor Wood said the city help in any way it can.

"Well, yeah that would certainly be unfortunate and we would hope that it would just be a temporary thing. We would certainly offer up any assistance that the city of Mishawaka could bring to the table."

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