Anderson sentencing hits home with other parents

The Anderson family of Elkhart are back to waiting, after an uneventful court appearance Wednesday afternoon. The judge delayed a decision on resentencing  19-year-old Zach Anderson who must register as a sex offender in Michigan and Indiana.

Les Anderson, Zach’s father, said “We are upset because at the end of the day this isn't rocket science. You don't have to be a legal scholar to figure some of this stuff out.”

And as the Anderson family left the courthouse, feeling upset, they were greeted by protestors who agree with the family's stance on the court case.

All three protestors are parents going through the exact same scenario in different parts of Michigan.

Cathy Grouley, one of the protestors, said “I have a son who will be on the registry too and this is actually the first opportunity that I've had to protest in this way. Most families are too embarrassed, too ashamed.”

Marie Campbell, another protester, said “it puts a label on these young men for years and years and Zach's case it's 25 years but in a lot of cases it's for life.”

But as the Anderson family continues to fight for their son’s freedom, they want one thing heard loud and clear.

“He is not a sex offender. He should not be treated like one. He should not be treated like an outcast in society and that's what we are fighting for.”

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