Annoying wintry weather Wednesday

Wednesday isn't pretty but it's far from the worst weather we've had this month. The morning is dry but gray, as temperatures rise near 40. Temperatures peak midday, then rain and possibly a mix of snow as temperatures fall through the afternoon. Any precipitation is likely done by 5:00 PM. After a chilly start, Thursday is a nice spring day, with sunshine. Friday is still the focus for greatest impact this week. Rain is likely, temperatures warm, the wind gusts and storms are possible in the evening / overnight. The storm threat remains low, mostly due to timing. We will see how storms develop to the west Friday afternoon as a gauge for the later threat. 

Tonight: Clouds return Low 32.

Wednesday: Rain/snow showers. High 40.

Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 50.

Friday: Showers, Breezy, Eve. Storms. High 64.

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