Apartment complex on day three without running water

NOW: Apartment complex on day three without running water

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- After a water main break at the Miami Hills Apartments, around 50 units are without running water.

Lashanda Howard has been living in the complex for about two years with her three kids. She says she hasn’t had water since Friday after a pipe burst during the rain storm.

“I’m very mad about this and I think they need to do something about it. Management has not come out on site to tell us how long it’s going to take to get it fixed, when it’s going to be done or anything,” says Howard.

Neither the apartment’s management or emergency maintenance could be reached over the weekend, but they had a repair crew on site working to fic the busted pipe on Sunday. The repair crew says even after it’s fixed, the water main could see more issues in the future since it is so old.

“This is the third time they’ve had to shut it off in I want to say, two weeks now. Disgusted, annoyed, and to be honest its aggravating that a place that just got a 12 million dollar grant can’t get around to fixing things and in a decent time frame,” says resident Kelly Jones.

Jones is referring to a council vote back in June where the city gave the apartment complex the greenlight to move forward with a fourteen million dollar renovation project.

But, residents say those changes arent coming soon enough.

“If this keeps continuing I’m going to have to find myself another place to live because I’m not used to this. I feel neglected and I feel other residents feel the same way and they’re frustrated just like me,” says Howard.

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