Area middle schoolers flock to St. Mary's for Hypatia Day

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - They've still got quite a few years left before they'll head into the working world, but some Michiana teens are getting a head start on their futures.

St.  Mary's College hosted its annual Hypatia Day Saturday. More than 90 middle school girls from across Michiana got a chance to check out different math and science careers.

One St. Mary's student says she's excited to introduce the teens to new opportunities. "It warms my heart so much, knowing that they're learning something that they've never known about, and to just see the thoughts coming into their heads now. They're learning all these new things and sparking new interests," says Caitlin Decoursey.

It's a huge honor to be invited to the event. Each of the students who attended were nominated by their teachers to take part.


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