Art 4 brings RENT and its powerful message to South Bend

NOW: Art 4 brings RENT and its powerful message to South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- “Art is open for interpretation, art is expressive art is in everything that we do from the moment you wake up to how you live your life,” says Ridge Nurse.  

“For me, art is about the most beautiful part of the human spirit we can express our joys and our fear and hopes in a safe and celebratory environment together, and that is really important,” says Micah Spiece.   

In 2020, theatres across the nation closed the curtain. The question of “when can I perform again” remained on the mind of every artist.

Now, performers are taking their talents to the stage once again, including Art 4. The musical theatre production company is bringing Rent to the Lang Lab in South Bend. A musical that is celebrating its 25th year of influencing audiences.

“We used to listen to this soundtrack at every strike in my high school theatre productions and any time Seasons of Love came on we would stop what we were doing, stand in a line, and sing it and to actually be able to do that it and perform it is amazing it means the world to me,” says Michelle Miller.

The award-winning musical tells the story of not being able to pay your bills amidst a crippling American economy while also navigating a Global health crisis that plagued the late 80s and 90s.

A storyline – amid the COVID-19 pandemic – that feels all the more relevant.

“It really is important this show is performed now because it gives us a sense of community because it celebrates life at the time we feel threated,” says Spiece.  

By 1994, HIV/AIDS were the leading cause of death for all Americans within the age of 25 to 44 years old.

But Rent goes even deeper than that. It revolves around a tight-knit group struggling with life, love and their unique purposes within a deeply complex world.

“Each of us are looking and wanting to be accepted and loved and cherished in some sort of way and between friends and outsiders between people on the street and around you and keep you grounded and say you are not alone in all of this,” says Nurse.  

This story remains something everyone can relate to --- the idea of reflecting and remembering that in life there is no day but today.

“That the message of no day but today, resonates with people that we start living presently and actually spend time with people we love, do the things we want to do, not out of fear of not being able to do them but that there is hope for the future,” says Miller.  

“Just give love and cherish everyone around you, even when you are not having a good day just remember those come and go so just be with it stay with it and you will get through it,” says Nurse.

Buy tickets and learn more here.  

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