At least 4,400 killed in Nepal earthquake

Rescue workers are making their way farther into the countryside as international relief crews bring in supplies.

Right now, over 4,400 people are dead following this past weekend's Nepal earthquake.

The search for survivors is proving to be a race against time as well as a struggle in difficult terrain.

Many are sleeping outside for a third chilly night.

An American photographer describes evacuating a plane in the capital as the earthquake hit.

"It was the type of screaming and shrills that equate to like a horror movie, really," said Dean Tatooles. "There was a panic, there was pandemonium."

"People are trapped up above the ice fall," said climber Nick Cienski. "The job of these three pilots is to extract as many of them as they can, in the time they've got."

The death toll in the earthquake is expected to continue rising as rescuers reached the most remote mountain villages.

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