Barnaby's and St. Joe County Health Department respond to video of alleged roaches

NOW: Barnaby’s and St. Joe County Health Department respond to video of alleged roaches

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- It’s no doubt that Barnaby’s is one of, if not, the most beloved pizza place in South Bend. When a video began circulating on social media showing about ten roaches crawling on the kitchen floor supposedly at the downtown Barnaby’s location, people were quick to share their disappointments online.

“Disgusting,” says Berness White, a local resident that frequently eats at Barnaby’s, in reaction to the video.

Locals are sharing their disappointment on social media, and so are fans of the staple pizza joint.

“The food is great, but I’m quite weary now,” White says. “I would have never, ever, ever known about such things going on in the kitchen.”

Since Barnaby’s has been a local staple for decades, it’s grown quite the fanbase in South Bend. Some told ABC57 although the video is disturbing, they’ll continue to eat here and support the family-owned, local business, if in fact the video was taken there.

“I’m hoping that’s not true and I’m hoping that they can get to the bottom of this,” says White.

That’s exactly what the owner is doing; he shared the following statement online after the video and allegations made their rounds on social media:

'Barnaby's South Bend is looking into the allegations made on 1/17. At this time, we are following protocol and investigating further.’

Even today, he says they are continuing their investigation into the situation, and Barnaby’s lovers say they hope it either isn’t true or is resolved quickly.

“Well, I don’t know how long it takes to kill such things, but I’m hoping they get on it right away,” White hopes.

The Saint Joe County Health Department has confirmed with ABC57 that they are investigating the video and allegations, and reports of the investigation will be made public record 10 days after the investigation was conducted.

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