Baroda Township fire department tries to find a new plan after their ballot initiative failed

BARODA, Mich – The results of Tuesday’s primary are hitting hard for one local fire department.

There was a ballot initiative called the “Baroda Township Fire Station Bond Proposal” which sought to fund a new fire station.

The initiative failed by 16 votes.

“It gave us really mixed emotions of course we’re sad that the initiative didn’t pass and we are not getting a new fire station but we’re also very excited that we have a lot of community support” Baroda Township fire department Lieutenant Griffin Ott said.

The fire department has a few options, put another ballot initiative on the November’s ballot, downsize the fire department or merge with another fire department.

There was one positive outcome, the second ballot initiative for an equipment fund passed, which means a new fire truck for the department.

The fire department plans on having a meeting in the upcoming days to decide how to move forward after Tuesday’s defeat.

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