Basilica at Notre Dame reopening Sunday, safety expectations

NOW: Basilica at Notre Dame reopening Sunday, safety expectations


SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Churches across the state have been allowed to reopen just over a week ago and now the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, right in the middle of Notre Dame’s campus is going to reopen on Sunday, May 24th for regular Sunday masses.

The service will still be live-streamed, but folks now have an option to go in-person.

However, anyone who does come will have to wear a mask.

Attendance will obviously be limited to abide by social distancing requirements.

Paul Browne, the Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications at Notre Dame says they will observe the diocese and state’s requirement on the overall number of people allowed inside.

There will be distancing of visitors, meaning every other pew will be marked and anyone over 65 or in a high-risk group is encouraged to not come.

“The Basilica is an attraction. It attracts visitors, sometimes we’ll have masses that are filled. We won’t be able to do that but we may be able to accommodate many people,” he said.

They plan to open for daily mass and confessions starting on May 25th

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