Baugo Creek families brace for more flooding

NOW: Baugo Creek families brace for more flooding

BAUGO TOWNSHIP, Ind.- Near the creek in Baugo Township neighbors are working to keep the inside of their homes dry.

The water of the creek shouldn’t be close to the homes along the creek. “All of this is never covered in water,” says Kathleen Sonner, a Baugo Township resident.

Sooner lives in a home near County Road 3 and County Road 28. “We are in a no-flood area which is kind of ironic.”

Previously living in Nappanee Sonner has experienced flooding before, but not waters this high or fast.

“This is the first time that we’ve ever went through something like this,” says Sonner.

Tuesday morning she woke up to the water of the Baugo Creek almost reaching her pool.

“We do know the Baugo is notorious for flooding, so we’re seeing it firsthand.

That’s when it was all hands on deck at the Sonner house, “I realized at that point we needed to do a lot of sandbagging and preparation for more rain tomorrow.”

Sonner installed two pumps that will help with the rising waters and even added an extra layer of protection.

“Those bags that are black what they do, once the water hits them they fill up with water so you don’t have to have sandbags.”

Sonner says she’ll keep an eye out on the water coming closer to her, but want drivers to know it’s not safe.

“Stay on 19 stay on the main roads, because it will sweep you, it really will.”

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