BBB warns of viral text messaging scam

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A viral text messaging scam is making it's way across social media, leaving many concerned about what responding to the text could lead to. The BBB is now warning people about this popular scam that looks like a text to the wrong number! They say responding could set you up to get ripped off.

"Just the fact that something just as small as a text could be so dangerous," says Megan Gallagher, who saw the scam on social media.

People across the country are getting unsolicited texts with the same selfie, and some are taking to social media sharing screenshots of the text to warn others of a possible scam.

“Now that we know what this girl looks like, if you’re still getting this text, if a scammer is still perpetrating this text they’re probably pretty silly because the whole world knows about it now," says Director of Communications at BBB. Serving Northern Indiana, Nichole Thomas. "I’m not quite sure what the end game is on a scam like this, but what we know is that often times, scammers are looking for your personal information, maybe it turns into a long-term romance scam…”

Now that the scam is gaining popularity, some people are able to recognize it and know to delete it for their safety.

"I’ve seen TikTok and Instagram things about it, like ‘all girls don’t open this or respond’ because it’s been a thing," says Lorraine Holtgren, who received the message herself.

“It’s dangerous that so many people are getting it, but also the more widespread it gets, the more people know not to do anything about it," says Gallagher.

If you happen to receive this particular text or any unwarranted messages, the BBB advises to simply delete it.

“If you get this text, we know it’s a scam, just delete it. Don’t interact with it," advises Thomas. “Never interact with a text or e-mail that’s unsolicited from someone that you don’t know. If you reply back, you could tip them off that your phone is being used.”

The BBB also recommends reporting this scam or any other scam you may encounter on the BBB Scam Tracker website.

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